Register as an Artist or a Shop


  • FAQs
  • Specific Tattoo booking and enquiry forms which takes all the information you need and includes your personal terms and conditions.
  • Calendar for your clients to choose from your available days.
  • Cancellation list for your clients to join.
  • Travel dates displayed for your clients to book through.
  • "Wish list" where you can upload designs you're wanting to tattoo - clients can then use these designs as the basis for a booking.
  • Contact details
  • Shops get a studio profile and an individual profile for each artist.
  • Gallery of your work fed from your instagram profile.
  • Personalised URL for each artist to be used like a website.

Booking Platform

  • Takes relevant info from the first point of contact with a booking form designed specifically for tattooists.
  • Client chooses date from your available days
  • Artist controls appointments and therefore approves clients request
  • Take deposit to confirm
  • On confirmation your booking is automatically entered into your calendar
  • Access to the booking by artist and client (even after confirmation) to add reference or discuss any possible changes to booking.
  • Reminder to client about appointment
  • Aftercare Instructions sent out

Booking Management

  • Log your days into the schedule for them to become available for clients to request their bookings on
  • All appointments logged into your calendar with full client history, reference pictures and any correspondence between client and artist.
  • Access your calendar and appointments from anywhere you can log onto the internet
  • Travelling dates easily entered into your calendar for you to remember and your clients to view
  • Automated client contact list

Public Access

    Search feature for public to find an artist searching by location and style.

    Readily available information (FAQs and T&Cs) on all artists for them to access at any time

    Ability for them to see your available dates, travel dates and gallery without having to contact you

Pricing and Registration




per month
(no contract)

  • Complete Booking Software
  • Calendar and Email Replacement
  • Automated Client Contact List
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Automatic Timezone Handling




per month
(no contract)

  • Manage Artists
  • Control Artist's Bookings
  • Manage Artist's Calendars
  • Simplified Artist Management
  • Includes 6 Artist Profiles