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In addition to these terms and conditions please be aware of this artist’s FAQs which can be found here.

Terms & Conditions

You must be over the age of 18  and photo ID is required. I will not tattoo ANYBODY under the legal age with or without parental supervision so please do not ask.

BOOKING AT CONVENTIONS: I travel to multiple, international tattoo conventions throughout the year, If you would like to get tattooed at an upcoming convention I regularly update my schedule and portfolio via Instagram (for regular updates please follow my page). 

I select the most thematically relevant ideas to showcase during conventions, ideally I prefer full-day sessions unless you are requesting a hand tattoo (which are my personal preference for conventions). 

STUDIO LOCATION: The Black Mark is a private studio located in Northcote just north of the Melbourne CBD, the address will be disclosed once the booking is confirmed. 

CONSULTATION: I prefer consultation via email, as I like to have a record of what we discussed regarding artistic reference when I am preparing your tattoo, please send your ideas via (which is my preferred communication). 


-What is your tattoo concept (please make your description as detailed as possible)?

-Black and grey, or colour?

-Size of the piece?

-Where on the body you would like it (Include Left/right side of the body)?

-Please feel free to attach any relevant pictures

DRAWING: Unfortunately due to time constraints I am unable to provide artwork prior to the appointment date of the tattoo. All custom drawings will be provided on the day of the appointment. Obviously, if adjustments are required I will provide these during direct consultation on the day. 

PLEASE CONSIDER WHEN PLANNING YOUR TATTOO: The bigger the better, and less is more. (For example, if you would like a tattoo of an angel, lets focus on a beautiful female face as opposed to the position of the hands or feet).

RATES: I require a minimum of 4hrs at $1000, or alternatively, a full day session at $1500. 

I do not charge by the hour, but rather by the session instead, this allows me to work on your custom design without the pressure of having the tattoo completed in a specific timeframe. This way we both know from the start to finish what the final price is, and if I tattoo over predicted time there is no issue of being charged in addition to the price. 

BOOKING: After a date is set a $250 deposit via bank deposit is required, or $270 via Paypal. If you haven't already paid a deposit, I am willing hold the date you have nominated for your booking for up to 48 hours. Once the deposit is made please immediately email me an image of your tattoo to confirm your appointment. 

Deposits are non-refundable however, if you opt to reschedule, I am willing move your rescheduled booking once, as long as you provide a minimum of 72 hours notice. 

If you don't think you'll be able to make your booking, please let me know as far in advance as you can. I can then reschedule you for another date, again I require a minimum of 72 hours notice, or else all deposits are forfeited. 

PAIN: Regarding pain during your sitting I highly recommend Nurofen Plus (NOT the generic brand). Also, I would recommend the following numbing spray (no EMLA please), 'Bactine' which is available to purchase from Ebay (It comes from the states so allow roughly 2 weeks), this is safe to use on open skin. 

Please make sure you have a full breakfast before coming in for your appointment, it helps greatly if you have eaten before being tattooed. 

I also recommend you bring drinks and snacks (lollies are ideal), basically bring anything that will make you sit comfortably for the length of the tattoo. 

Thank you FABZ

Although your artist can give you a rough quote on time/cost please be aware that with larger tattoos the price of your tattoo often depends on the detail of the final design and how well you sit, so please allow a small window either side of the quote you are given just to be safe.

This is the first thing the artist will see when your booking is submitted eg. "Full Samurai Back Piece".

This is to provide an indication of the size of the tattoo to the artist.

Please add as much of a description as possible here so the artist knows exactly what you want or alternatively, let the artist know that you trust their creative judgement in the theme you have chosen.

The artist needs to know exactly where on your body so be very descriptive . Eg. "Inner Left forearm" or "Right leg front thigh".

Be sure to add notes to each photo so the artist knows exactly what part of the picture you want them to be referencing from and why.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you attach a picture of the area where you want your tattoo; making sure that the camera is parallel (straight on) to the body part. this will need to be taken by someone else to show the full area without being distorted or stretched.