How can I contact the artist I want to book with?

If you're wanting to contact this artist to ask questions regarding making an appointment with them please read their FAQs. If your question is still not answered please use the "Enquire Now" option on their profile. Their terms and conditions will offer you more information and allow you to submit your ideas. You'll also be able to add notes and they can respond accordingly.

What if I want to reschedule my booking?

If you're wanting to re-schedule a confirmed booking please contact the artist via the messaging tab on your booking. They will be able to reschedule you via Parlour that way. 


How do I work consults in with the Parlour systems?

If you wish to do face to face consults we suggest you add this into your bio section and ask people to contact you via phone. You're then able to book them into your calendar so that you know not to book appointments over this time. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. From your home page, go to "CALENDAR".
  2. Click the "SCHEDULE" tab.
  3. Select the day and time you would like to set aside for the consult.
  4. Check the box labelled "block this time out for" on the right hand side.
  5. Give the consult a title, and press "DISALLOW BOOKINGS ON THESE TIMES".

You can then fill out the booking form with the client when they come in by choosing CREATE A BOOKING found at the top of the calendar. 

PLEASE NOTE: We suggest you do your consults online via the ENQUIRY. Once a client submits an enquiry you have all the information you need to be able to go back and forth via the MESSAGING tab within this enquiry. 

How will my bookings get into my calendar.

Once you have accepted a booking it will automatically go into your calendar on the "bookings" tab. A grey booking will mean it is accepted but payment has not yet been made. A red booking has been paid and is confirmed.

How do I make my days available for people to book on?

You need to schedule your available days in the calendar. 

Visit the calendar ----> schedule tab -----> choose days you are available and the time you'll be able to work on these days. 

You can also select multiple days if you're working at the same times for these days to speed up the process.

How do I direct my clients to my Parlour page?

You have a unique personalised Parlour URL which can be found in the address bar when viewing your profile. Copy and paste this anywhere you'd usually have a website or email for people to contact you. 

If you already have a website feel free to add your Parlour URL to your website so clients can make bookings easily.

How do I get started once I've signed up?

Once you've completed your profile you'll want to schedule your days available via the schedule tab in the calendar section. 

Add you URL (found in the address bar when viewing your Parlour profile) anywhere, such as your website, Facebook or Instagram.

Then, let people know you're taking bookings with Parlour so they know they can make bookings.

As bookings come through, you will see them on your Inbox. Here, you can accept or decline the bookings you receive and prompt clients to pay their deposits immediately through Parlour.

How is the enquiry form different to the booking form?

The enquiry and booking form are exactly the same information for the client to fill out. The difference between the two is the booking form will already have a date chosen by the client and the enquiry form will have a space for you to answer anything they have questions about. If the client would like to push forward with a booking, they can easily convert an enquiry into a booking.

How do I fill a cancellation spot?

If you're a busy artist we suggest you close your bookings and enquiries by taking these two options off your page (you can do this via the "edit profile" and then "settings" ----> you'll then uncheck the bookings and enquiries tick boxes).

You can then accept cancellation requests. When a free time becomes available, you can go to "My account" at the top right followed by "Cancellations". Here, you can review the cancellations and offer them the free booking time by selecting the check boxes next to each cancellation and clicking the "Offer Booking" button at the bottom of the page. You will then need to fill out a simple form to allocate the booking to a particular day.

If you offer the free time to multiple people, the first client to accept will be given the booking time.

How do I enter my own bookings (this can be when clients come into the shop OR bookings taken prior to you having a Parlour account)?

Choose “Create a Booking” which can be found in the calendar OR in the inbox. Once you have entered the booking details you’ll be able to enter their contact details and this will trigger an automatic email to the client for them to choose a password for their Parlour account. They can now upload reference. You may need to advise your client to check they Junk mail if they have not received their email.

Can I “Close my bookings”?

Yes you can. There is a “Close Bookings” option in the inbox. You still have the options to take enquiries/ people onto your cancellation list via the “Settings” which is found in the EDIT PROFILE tab.

Why do I have a day showing as available when it isn’t?

Think of available as “Available time” if you have any available time one these days it will show up as available. To prevent this from happening we recommend you choose to tick the  “Do not take anymore bookings on this day” box when you take your last booking of that day. If you’ve forgotten to do this please choose the same option on the schedule calendar. Alternatively you can choose to change the times on your schedule to fit the bookings.

How do I book multiple days/sessions for the same client/tattoo?

Once the booking has been entered into the system, either by yourself or by the client, you'll be able to view the booking in your "INBOX' choose "Duplicate" to the right of the booking. This will duplicate the exact same booking and you'll be able to choose the day that the client will be booked in for. You can duplicate the same booking as many times as you'd like so the client is locked in for all days required. You may want to change the title of the duplicate booking to read as DAY 2,3 or 4 depending on your situation.

ARTISTS - Pre-Sign up.

How safe is Parlour in relation to saving all my data?

As we are an online service, nothing saves to your computer therefore any computer issues you have i.e. your computer crashing or getting a virus, your Parlour account should not be affected. We also back up all information every 24 hours for the past 7 days therefore at any time we have 7 copies of the information you have stored. In the unlikely event that there would be an issue with Parlour we are very confident that your information will be safe and easily recovered very quickly.

Can clients just book themselves in without my approval?

No. Clients can request bookings from you however that day will not be marked as taken until you have accepted this booking. You can choose to cancel the booking request, leave it ending or move it to your cancellation list. You are in full control of your bookings at all times.

Does Parlour take deposits?

Yes.If you choose to take deposits  Parlour has an integrated payment system which allows the client to pay via Paypal. This can be done regardless of wether or not they have a Paypal account as Paypal allows them to pay via a credit or debit card through their system.

We also offer the option to make your bank account details visible to the client so they may make a direct deposit. The client then needs to upload a receipt from this deposit for you to view. Using this option is not recommended by us for 2 reasons:

  1. It adds an extra step into your booking process as you'll need to check the uploaded receipt and approve it to mark the deposit as paid for the booking to be confirmed. (Paypal payments are automatically marked as paid and confirmed and then entered into your calendar without you having to do anything).
  2. We cannot guarantee the uploaded receipt is legitimate and therefore there is more risk to taking payments this way.

How can Parlour help me save time?

  1. Parlour combines your calendar, bookings, deposits, aftercare, reminders, online store and email into one site and automates almost everything for you.
  2. On top of this Parlour also saves you a huge amount of time each week by simplifying the process of setting up your calendar and taking bookings.

Can I still do consults if I'm using Parlour?

Yes. You can do online consults via the "ENQUIRE NOW" tab. We have allowed for people to also use the calendar to schedule face to face consults if you prefer to do your consults this way.

Can I use Parlour from my phone or tablet?

Yes you can. Your Parlour calendar, inbox, online store and profile are all accessible through any desktop, laptop, or mobile device that is connected to the internet. Parlour is mobile and tablet friendly, meaning it has been specifically designed to work intuitively if you're on the move or don't have access to a computer.

Is Parlour hard to use?

No. Parlour has been designed to be as simple as possible. It's takes the simplicity of email and combines this with a full suite of automation tools to make your life easy.

Can Parlour be used in a shop?

Yes! Parlour is designed to be able to link multiple artist profiles into one shop profile so that you can manage all artists and take appointments at the front desk. The artist controls who manages their account but the shop can see their calendar, bookings, cancellations and enquiries.

A shop can actually completely manage the bookings of all their artists via Parlour.