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In addition to these terms and conditions please be aware of this artist’s FAQs which can be found here.

Terms & Conditions

You must be over the age of 18 by QLD Law and photo ID is required. I will not tattoo ANYBODY under the legal age with or without parental supervision so please do not ask.


Drew does a full day sitting for $1600 during the weekdays and $1800 on a weekend - this session is from 10.30am-6.30pm.

Please be prepared to sit longer if needed. 


You MUST pay a deposit when you're making your booking, Once you have placed a booking, you will receive a request for the payment to be made and then your booking will be confirmed. You will be asked to pay a $6oo deposit + a $15.49 admin fee. Deposits are non refundable however they are transferable as long as the correct notice is given. 


We need a minimum of 7 days notice to reschedule your booking. You will only be rescheduled once, unless you have extremely important circumstances. Deposits are non-refundable but if you decide to reschedule within the correct time frame we can transfer your deposit.


Dress consults are done online via the enquiry tab. We can easily consult back and forth and share pictures via the enquiry until you're happy with the outcome at which stage you can convert your enquiry into a booking and choose a date for your appointment.


Your design will be ready on the day. Any changes you need to be made can easily be done on the day however they're not sent out or ready to be seen prior to this. Alternatively if you wish to add reference to your booking you can do this via your Parlour booking in the message tab.


Drew is happy to take on cover ups however you may be recommended to get laser removal to ensure the best result possible. So that we may correctly judge this please be sure to include a photo of the existing tattoo and the full area.

Travelling clients:

You will need to arrange to have the cash for the remainder of your payment ON THE DAY. You will not be allowed to leave the premise without paying. So please make arrangements with your bank prior to the day to ensure you can get the money out if you have not travelled with it.

This is the first thing the artist will see when your booking is submitted eg. "Full Samurai Back Piece".

This is to provide an indication of the size of the tattoo to the artist.

Please add as much of a description as possible here so the artist knows exactly what you want or alternatively, let the artist know that you trust their creative judgement in the theme you have chosen.

The artist needs to know exactly where on your body so be very descriptive . Eg. "Inner Left forearm" or "Right leg front thigh".

Be sure to add notes to each photo so the artist knows exactly what part of the picture you want them to be referencing from and why.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you attach a picture of the area where you want your tattoo; making sure that the camera is parallel (straight on) to the body part. this will need to be taken by someone else to show the full area without being distorted or stretched.

Select the day and time you would like to book

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Blue days this artist is not at their usual location.

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Your start time and appointment length will be sent to you when this artist accepts your booking. Should you have any special requests for either of these things please add this in here. Please note that this artist will do their best to accommodate to your requests, however they will be working around their current schedule and are not always able to fulfill everyones requests.