About Us

Our mission is simple. We aim to make the life of tattooers and their clients easier by taking all the headaches out of bookings. This leaves more time and energy to focus into the star of the show and the artists real passion, tattooing.

For years and years we watched tattooers struggle with the booking process and couldn’t watch the fun being taken out of our jobs any longer.

Parlour is here to not only make your jobs and lives easier but to also bring everyone together in the one place. Tattooing is huge and only grows bigger and better by the day; and we believe it deserves to be recognised as a professional industry for the way it contributes to the everyday lives of so many people now.

Parlour is also helping to make the process of finding the right artists for any tattoo easy for the public.

We’re always bringing new processes, ideas and functions to life by listening to what artists need and want. Our ideas and motives will always be run by the opinions, needs and wants of tattooers and we look forward to moving forward and growing with the artists who make up Parlour.